Balanced Literacy Environment

  1. Read aloud
    • Provide students the experience to engage with the text
    • Cultivates high-level thinking and discussions
    • Use inquiry questions to simulate thinking
  2. Shared reading
    • Students are reading common text with teacher support and intervention
    • Text is re-read over a course of time to teach different literacy strategies
    • Comprehension and fluency are key goals in this component
  3. Guided Reading
    • Small-group differentiated instruction designed to assist individual students learn how to process text
    • Group students’ at similar level to teach literacy strategies and skills
  4. Mini-lessons
    • Teach various strategies and skills
    • Direct and explicit instruction
    • Connection to other texts, to self and to the world
    • Active engagement with the text
  5. Independent reading
    • Students are reading a book at their level
    • Students are practicing and reinforcing reading strategies taught during mini-lessons
  6. Word Study
    • Develop phonological awareness by having students engage in learning activities to help them hear rhymes, syllables and onset/rimes
    • Increase phonics skills by teaching students patterns and decoding skills
    • Build students’ word and structural analysis skills by developing learning activities to allow students to engage with parts of words (prefixes, suffixes, root words, etc.), to decode words and understand meaning
  7. Writing
    • Increase writing skills by teaching proper grammar, writing mechanics and sentence flow
    • Cultivate writing process by teaching students to communicate ideas, messages and stories.
    • Engage with different genres of writing
  8. Conferring
    • Teacher meets with students individually in order to discuss certain needs and progress of students
    • Teacher will review a skill or strategy from previous meeting or et a new goal with the student

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