Rita Pierson: Every kid Needs a Champion

I love the way she humanizes the profession.

“It’s about the power of connection – kids don’t learn from the people they don’t like”. “We’re educators, we’re born to make a difference!” – Rita Pierson


How to Find Your Passion


“Passion exists at the intersection of three or more things you’re really curious about” – Steve Kotler.

This would be a great activity for students to discover what they are passionate about. Teachers need to cultivate student’s curiosity and help develop their passions. A great project to assist students to explore their passion is Genius Hour. I did Genius Hour this year with my students, and they loved it.  It allowed students to explore subjects/topics of interest and passion (I had one student do a presentation on the Big Bang – it was amazing!). In the future, to augment my Genius Hour project I will use this as an introductory lesson or anticipatory set to incite enthusiasm. Teachers need to help students to become learner-driven by guiding students to discover their passion and purpose in life.

Extra Curricular Activity – Floor Hockey

My favourite extra curricular activity this school year was the floor hockey tournament. It was my favourite because the kids really enjoyed it. I mean really, really, really enjoyed it! The kids showed enthusiasm, and the staff shared their enthusiasm (Canadians love hockey!). On game days, the excitement was palpable in the school – students were discussing the game, teachers and students were wishing players good-luck, and players were strategizing. It was great to see the school come together; it fostered a community-like atmosphere and increased school morale. Extra curricular activities are vital because it creates positive school environments.